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About us


Who Are We

the first nursery in the UAE that applies the theory of the American scientist (Howard Gardner) for multiple intelligences merged with the Early Years foundation stage curriculum, So we are delighted to welcome your intelligent child from the age of 4 months and up to four years, from Sunday to Thursday, with flexible working hours, from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m.

IQ Kids Nursery group is the icon of nurseries, and the sun to its galaxy, initiates an educational revolution with an innovative concepts based on intelligences approach for the future of our creative little ones. IQ kids nursery elevates the concept of nurseries from the traditional concept of indoctrination to addressing the child's mind by boosting his skills, and motivating his talents with the adoption of multiple intelligences method. The theory of intelligence has been merged with the EYFS British Curriculum (Early Years Foundation Stage) With the aim of empowering and developing the child in a comprehensive and non-routine manner.

Nursery philosophy

it can not be said that there is an intelligent or non intelligent child, in accordance to IQ Kids merged curriculum every child is unique, having different ways of learning, and a special set of strengths and challenges.

The nursery discovers every child’s traits and work on improving these traits through the developmental sequence of growth stages

Nursery's Mission

Nursery is not a babysitter or "numerical" gathering until parents finish their work; and it is not just a temporal counter to fill children's spare time.
Our nursery is considered as a beginning of exploration and guidance then enhancement and development. it adopts educative enlightenment method with a new vision, in respect of how to deal with the early stages of childhood. Moreover, it is considered as an approach used to raise the care standards for early childhood at all educational, guidance and educative levels.
IQ Kids Nursery is a field for studies and educational development which is consistent with the contemporary educational theories on early childhood for a better future for our children.

Nursery's Vision

This nursery is characterized by being creative and innovative; endeavoring to graduate vigorous energetic brilliant children who are mentally ready and "academically" and "socially" prepared to be involved in the school environment.
The foundations of our approach are based on Secupedagojah philosophy which depends on developing skills relating to smart patterns.
The nursery was designed internally and externally by experienced experts in order to create adequate physical conditions for the world of childhood.

Nursery Objectives

Providing child with a wealth of linguistic, basic and soft expressions, as well as information appropriate for his age and related to his surroundings. Providing child with an opportunity to learn and express his feelings and ideas and what they can understand by the way that suits them. Developing the cognitive system of childhood curriculum in line with all levels of children's' intelligence. Providing new patterns of education based on fulfilling students' needs. Setting out new rules for communication between parents and nursery. Reinforcing children's national identity and upbringing them according to it through well-founded and stimulating educational foundations. Paying attention and considering child's needs (Nutritional, healthy, educational and behavioral). Ability to face childhood problems and treatment of the signs of abnormal behavior.

Nursery Values

Our values are the core and cornerstone of our work: Trust your children are our children when you are absent , and our responsibility to take care of them until you return . Mercy , we feel , understand and compassionate . Transparency and sincerity , we tell the truth even it was difficult. Innovation, we work to make dreams come true . Commitment to our responsibility towards you as we promised . Social values, we respect your environment, your religion, your habits and traditions. Respect, the basis of our treatment ,and the success of our communication .