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Shamkah Branch


Shamkah Branch

In addition to the success of applying the theory of multiple intelligences and increasing the number of enrolled students in the main branch in Bani Yas city, the request of the parents living in the city of Al-Shamkha and Al-Falah to open a nursery branch close to their places of residence, the nursery administration opened its second branch on 5-12-2018 In order to provide high-quality pastoral and educational services that adopt the theory of multiple intelligences and to include them in the classroom, it continued to develop steadily, using its insightful and clear path of growth and progress to achieve success. The second branch is characterized by new facilities, advanced playgrounds and educational environment in line with the spirit of the times, as well as the recruitment of qualified and equipped early childhood education managers and staff. The IQ Nursery is a pastoral, educational institution. It is based on the theory of multiple intelligences, whose philosophy is to give every child the right to education and to develop his skills in a manner that suits him to the highest standards of educational by combining the theory with the British world curriculum EYFS

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